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Volunteer Opportunities



Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department is expanding its team of dedicated volunteer firefighters and emergency
medical responders. When you volunteer, you:

     • Get free training, gear and equipment

     • Start a new career in firefighting or emergency medical response

     • Support the Lone Oak community

     • Help your friends and neighbors 

     • Make lifelong friends


What it Takes

Are you brave, dedicated, assertive and willing to learn new skills and face challenges? These are some of the
qualities you’ll need to be an on-call firefighter or emergency medical responder (EMR).

The Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department calls on its members to perform hot, dirty and strenuous work, often in
hazardous environments.The personal reward and satisfaction gained as a member of the fire and emergency medical 
responder service includes accomplishment,compassion and fulfillment. This is what drives men and women to become
on-call members with the Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department.


Firefighters / Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) / Driver Pump Operator (DPO) / Support


Fire & Emergency Medical Services Training


Imagine having the opportunity to respond to almost any emergency situation – house fires, wild fires, chemical spills, heart attacks and motor vehicle collisions. As a member of Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department, you will be trained to respond to calls day or night, in rain or snow and under potentially stressful circumstances.


You’ll have a three-month probation period and participate in a 16-hour introductory to emergency services training program.
Additional firefighting and EMR training and certifications are required.

It's a rewarding, life-changing and challenging community service opportunity.

~Lt. John Kowalski


A Message from Dana Clift, Fire Chief

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. You’ll find that being a member of the Lone Oak Volunteer

Fire Department brings personal rewards, builds self-confidence and gives a sense of accomplishment. It’s also important to the Lone Oak community, as this critical service has the potential to impact our friends, families and neighbors.


The Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department is committed to providing services to everyone in our community. We continually strive to deliver the best service, which is carried out by capable staff and a group of dedicated on-call firefighters and emergency medical responders. However, service as a member is a serious commitment, so the decision to join us should be carefully considered.

We hope that once you understand the required commitment, you’ll become a firefighter or emergency medical responder with the Lone Oak Volunteer Fire Department. The service and education provided by our firefighters and emergency medical responders is invaluable to our community. We hope you will become a member of our team and see this positive impact first-hand.

Follow your heart... if you have the passion and that drive... move forward and continue your dream.

~Dana Clift, Fire Chief


How to Apply

Contact us to set up a time to pick up an application and view the fire hall, or simply stop by on one of our training nights. We train every Tuesday from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm ET. After your application is submitted you will be scheduled for an interview.

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